As the Gulf diplomatic crisis enters 11th month, the US president welcomes the Emir of Qatar to the White House and praises the ties between US and Qatar.

Addressing to the Press, Trump said on Tuesday that the US and Qatar “have been great friends in so many ways”.

“We are working on unity in that part of the Middle East and I think it’s working out very well; there are lot of good things happening,” said Donald Trump.

On June 5 2017, a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia, all members of the GCC, cut diplomatic ties with Doha and imposed a full embargo on  Qatar, accusing it of supporting “terrorism”, allegations that Qatar strongly denies.

During the meeting with Donald Trump, the Emir of Qatar said:

“I would like to thank the president for him being involved personally in solving the GCC crisis (…). He’s been very helpful, he’s been supporting us during this blockade and I would also like to thank the American people for being very supportive. ”

Alongside discussions about the diplomatic crisis, Trump and Al-Thani discussed the Syria war and Qatar’s role in combatting terrorism.


Ahmed Naser is a UK-based journalist with a deep understanding of the Middle East. Ahmed is a contributor to a wide range of regional publications in the Middle East. He works across print and digital media as a freelance editor and writer.

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