Houthi revels have started withdrawing from Saleef port in Hodeidah under a U.N.-sponsored deal, giving way to put an end to a four-year war.

The move, yet to be verified by the United Nations, is the first major step in implementing the agreement reached last year by the government and the Houthis for a withdrawal in Hodeidah.

While Yemeni Information Minister Muammar al-Iryani deemed the move a “flagrant show”, he was dismissed by British ambassador Michael Aron who posted his reaction on Twitter.

Hodeidah, the fourth-largest city in Yemen and its principal port on the Red Sea, became the focus of the Yemen war last year when the Saudi-led coalition twice tried to seize its port in an effort to stop Houthi’s alleged arms smuggling to Iran, accusations which both Houthis and Iran authorities deny.


Ahmed Naser is a UK-based journalist with a deep understanding of the Middle East. Ahmed is a contributor to a wide range of regional publications in the Middle East. He works across print and digital media as a freelance editor and writer.

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